Principal's MessageOnly a generation of readers will spawn a generation of writers

Dear Student Teachers, Staff and Parents,

I believe that I ‘am honoured to serve as the principal of this teacher education institution. Our collaborative efforts will surely create remarkable changes in the environment through quality education. We have to focus upon the higher order thinking to emerge as global citizens with local connectedness and lasting human value.

We expect an exceptional learning community through excellence in teacher community as student teachers. We are mind shapers of the future generation. Acquiring skills and knowledge for effective classroom interactions ought to be achieved from this educational setting. The self-efficiency and self-esteem of teachers are the keystones of the self-confidence of children. Hence equipping each student teacher as a potential teacher is the primary aim of this teacher education institution.

Familiarising with the modern techno pedagogical approaches and emerging as innovative teacher to inspire the upcoming generation is highlighted in our methodology and practices. The roles of the teacher to identify enhance and strengthen the creative talents of children.

Hope our aims can be achieved through excellent thought and exemplary practices. Let us join together for learner society who spreads peace and prosperity.

KUCTE, Kunnam

The Self-Efficiency And Self-Esteem Of Teachers Are The Keystones Of The Self-Confidence Of Children. Hence Equipping Each Student Teacher As A Potential Teacher Is The Primary Aim Of This Teacher Education Institution.

Familiarising With The Modern Techno Pedagogical Approaches And Emerging As Innovative Teacher To Inspire The Upcoming Generation Is Highlighted In Our Methodology And Practices. The Roles Of The Teacher To Identify Enhance And Strengthen The Creative Talents Of Children. Hope Our Aims Can Be Achieved Through Excellent Thought And Exemplary Practices. Let Us Join Together For Learner Society Who Spreads Peace and Prosperity.